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Porch Progress

Well, the following isn't directly related to the studio build, but at least it'll allow me to enter and exit our house not having to wish that I had dealt with the inferior, chipped, cracked, and peeling porch floor prior. Not that I've been unable to do so for the nearly twenty years we've lived here... 
Yesterday, I spent the bulk of the day in 20 degree temps (-3.8 celsius), transferring the recently acquired, reclaimed Cumaru hardwood (a.k.a. Brazilian Teak, though not quite as hard as actual Teak) and install tools to the "job site", my front porch, via wheelbarrow. To recap, I purchased app. 350 sf. of Cumaru from a local deck builder who had been storing it for years, hoping someday to use it himself. He decided to let it go for $300. 
About half of the initial haul will be used for the app. 150 sf. porch floor. I took it to a local hardwoods supplier and had them flip the wood upside down (to avoid the countersunk screw holes) and plane and sand the …

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