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Removing Reclaimed Wood

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Mid-March, I contacted a lending specialist at Ent Credit Union, and told him the following:

Thanks again for your assistance in getting us the 3 helocs late last year. We'll begin tapping them later this month for the upcoming art studio build and renovation, two of the three projects we'd intended the money for. 
Initially we were hoping to do a new build, a renovation, and an art studio, but found that the $170K wouldn't cover the costs for all three (without downgrading the scale/quality). Therefore, we've scaled our plans back, with the thought that after we complete the studio and renovation, we might then be able to tap more money from 812 N Wahsatch, as it would undoubtedly appraise for another $75K - $100K (guestimation). The unfortunate thing is that doing that third project stand alone will cost more than it would if we were able to piggyback some of the costs onto the other build costs, so even at that point I'm not sure if we can get enough …

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