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As you've no doubt noticed, I'm a wearer of hats. A tackler, owning three "this old houses", of a seemingly never-ending plethora of home fix projects. But recently, one big project I've been gearing up for, a d.i.y. art studio build, was necessarily, and somewhat regretfully, taken off my plate.

My wife, Nan, and I are tackling three separate build projects at the same time, and budget constraints necessitated that I do a fair bit of the largest of the three, the construction of my new, app. 1,100 sf art studio, as d.i.y. as possible. But I was excited to take on the project, and, with my old studio being converted into extra living quarters, a.k.a. an ADU (additional dwelling unit), there wasn't much I could be doing art-wise anyway, without resorting to renting a temporary studio space.

I can't make use of the room one of our grown kids, recently married, vacated - Nan bases her private, dyslexia remediation practice from the spare room, and that's h…

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