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Put This in Your Toolbelt

If woodworkers were polled, “measure twice, cut once” would probably be their most commonly vocalized adage - usually right after a costly mistake caused by neglecting its wisdom. A close cousin to "never assume...", it means one should recheck measurements or suffer the potentially costly repercussions of an easily avoidable mistake. 

I'm thinking I'll need to be putting my thinking cap on soon. The budget for our upcoming builds is uber-tight, and I can't afford to make many mistakes. It's more like measure thrice, or pay the price.

Should that price gets too costly, however, and I have to live with the unavoidably visible consequences of an avoidable mistake, I'll have another handy saying in my tool belt. And now, so will you.

Think of it as my Christmas gift to you, dear reader. 

I got it from my good friend, the artist James Grashow, or Jimmy as he’s usually called, Like “measure twice…” his adage applies not only to woodwo…

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