Prospect Builders

Today I thought I'd introduce Prospect Builders, a full service design and build company headed up by John Hockman, which specializes in residential and light commercial construction. We were introduced to John via one of my wife's clients who had Prospect Builders design and build a 350 sf. ADU behind their house and were very pleased with the quality of the work and attention to detail - in fact, they kind of wished they had more work for John to do, they enjoyed working with him so much. I toured the ADU a couple weeks back and was likewise impressed.

While John and his team have begun drawing up the concepts for the ADU and studio and will be doing all the ADU build, I'm hoping to make the studio portion of the overall project as d.i.y. as possible, and John's amenable to that. 

However, the approximate plan view (above) isn't Prospect's work - it's a very initial idea of mine in the 3D modeling program Sketchup as to the location of the new garage/studio on our next-door property. It shows our primary home (lower right rectangle), our next-door rental (upper right rectangle), my current studio (upper left square) and, in black, the proposed new studio, which would also serve as a kind of double-ended garage. I played around in Sketchup with different locations for the studio, including attaching it to the existing one, but this is the one that's stuck, for now. The studio's app. dim's are 20' x 58'. Long and relatively narrow. Reminds me of a boathouse.

Shortish post today and probably the last one of the week, as I've a list of matters unrelated to the upcoming studio build to attend to - home projects, the Thanksgiving holiday & related festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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