Truss-ty Talk

Yesterday, another load of reclaimed lumber for the new studio was acquired.

The latest haul included six 16' long x 2" x 12" Microllam laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams. The beams will work well as garage door headers or, just possibly, at the interior peak of the new studio, where, with the addition of some flat steel bolted to the beams' bottom edge, I might have a gantry beam capable of hoisting and moving sculptures.

Speaking of the studio's interior, the other night I spent some time on Sketchup, visualizing the interior space. As currently envisioned, the studio will have an app. 20' x 60' footprint which, up until then, I had thought about dividing into 20' x 20' thirds, each with a distinct function: 2D creation space, storage/woodworking machines, and 3D creation space.

The middle third would've included a loft storage area. 

yet the more I pondered the design, the more I realized that I really want to keep the interior ceiling as open and clean as possible; to maximize headroom and deal with the ever-present need for more storage space in other ways. (That's what got me thinking about digging out a partial basement for additional storage)

Opening up the interior necessarily involves the type of truss we employ. If possible, I'd love to avoid the standard truss, with its horizontal bottom chord. After some text conversation with my designer/builder John Hockman about it, it looks like parallel chord trusses like those in the photo below (not my studio in progress) would be the most ideal to conform to those wishes.

What follows are a bunch of screenshots of a portion of the text conversation between John and me the other night - my texts in blue. (By the way, where it says 4:40 am and such, that's now, not the time we were texting)

Sorry for the choppy nature of the conversation, joined in progress. I'm sure there's a way to copy and paste the whole conversation but I haven't been able to do it.

(John is the structural engineer)

Speaking of "peace out", I really ought to do the same.

Today, I may make some calls to get pricing on storage units, as I'll need to store the contents of my current studio and storage garage while the new build/renovation is happening. If any locals are aware of a secure but inexpensive option where I might store some things through mid-summer of next year, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know! 

Free would be ideal, but I'd probably settle for 65% of the market rate...


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