Removing Reclaimed Wood

The latest:

Mid-March, I contacted a lending specialist at Ent Credit Union, and told him the following:

Thanks again for your assistance in getting us the 3 helocs late last year. We'll begin tapping them later this month for the upcoming art studio build and renovation, two of the three projects we'd intended the money for. 

Initially we were hoping to do a new build, a renovation, and an art studio, but found that the $170K wouldn't cover the costs for all three (without downgrading the scale/quality). Therefore, we've scaled our plans back, with the thought that after we complete the studio and renovation, we might then be able to tap more money from 812 N Wahsatch, as it would undoubtedly appraise for another $75K - $100K (guestimation). The unfortunate thing is that doing that third project stand alone will cost more than it would if we were able to piggyback some of the costs onto the other build costs, so even at that point I'm not sure if we can get enough in additional heloc funds to cover a new build.

I am not aware of any way around that but thought I'd reach out to you and see if you could think of anything. 



He responded that there may be a way of increasing the limit they had recently put on our primary home's HELOC, and, not so long story made even shorter, they were able to, upping it substantially enough to accommodate our hoped-for, then abandoned, now resumed third (mother-in-law unit) leg of the upcoming projects. Thanks again, Ent! (It was a chore, but well worth it to move all our accounts from one of the big banks to Ent last fall).

In the mean time, John Hockman (Prospect Builders) submitted plans for the new garage-studio to Regional and despite what we'd heard - that they were quite backlogged and to expect at least four weeks before the plans made it to the top of the queue, app. two weeks later we got the green light. 

Meantime, I've been continuing to prep the yard for the projects as well as meet with contractors for excavating and arborist estimates. A good friend and neighbor is allowing me to store my reclaimed redwood stash on her property and I've given a couple truck bed and trailer loads of the stuff to a couple of people via posting in the "free" section on Craig's List. 

Speaking of trucks, earlier this year, both my beloved old Toyota Pickup (named "Beans" by my kids, all but the last of whom had used it as their first vehicle) and my Ford Ranger bit the dust within about a week of each other. A couple weeks back, I purchased a used 6 cylinder, 2wd Ford F-150 with 65,000 miles and have already put it through its paces.

Yesterday, at long last, having gotten permission from the State, et al, to do so, I began demolishing the one-car, leaning lunker of a garage from next door, using a reciprocating saw to remove every other 2 x 4 studs, each still connected to an app. 4' wide x 8' tall section of cedar siding, along with the door and windows. It went quite quickly - perhaps 2 - 3 hours to make the progress shown below.

Today, while it may be Spring, but I predict the fall...

While on the one hand, I'm glad to see some visible evidence that we're moving forward, it's kind of sad to see the structure, dilapidated and insubstantial as it was, go - especially getting rid of the happy face spray painted on the inside of the door by Steve, the homeless man who lived with us for a few years back in the 90's.


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